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Bellini kitchens

Project info:

Kitchens visualization for the Bellini factory catalogue.

What were the client’s goals:

The client asked us to show the kitchens in large spacious rooms. Without being bound to a standard planning. Also, they wanted to demonstrate the additional usage options of furniture facades: cabinets, media units.

How did we achieve them:

We have studied the existing kitchen realization options done by other factories and developed the moodboards for each kitchen. The development was built on the wishes of the client, to make the rooms maximally spacious. We’ve added the additional areas where facades, cabinets and living spaces could be used.

After that the time has come for visualization. We wanted to show the kitchen with direct sun beams, which will give the contrasting shades. This technique added more volume to the image Special attention was paid to the decoration and closeups, to show the kitchen as close as possible to future customers.

What is the result of our work:

By the end of our work 24 images have been developed, 6 for each kitchen. All of them are used in factory’s catalogue or as marketing materials.