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Mukomelov studio

Project info:

We were tasked to create a series of visualizations for the Mukomelov studio, for the product showcase.

What were the client’s goals:

The main purpose of this series was to visualize the products that will soon be put into mass production. Each image was to serve as an advertising campaign tool for the studio and its partners.

How did we achieve them:

In close collaboration with the Mukomelov studio we have created the moodboards for each product. It is rare that the client interacts so closely with the studio, but we have to admit it came to fruition. We have developed a set of pre-visualization, from which we have chosen the main directions and angles.

After that, the studio started to work singly to take the images to the next level. We have tried to show, as photorealistic as possible, the various small details that would endow the whole image with a nice impression.

What is the result of our work:

As a result we have got a series of images for the marketing needs of partner factories and Mukomelov studio.

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