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Project info:

A series of images for the client’s product line presentation.

What were the client’s goals:

The task was to develop a series of interior and studio vializations for the factory’s new products, which will be used on the website and in the catalog. Also, for the catalog, to show the sectioning for one item and to demonstrate its functions.

How did we achieve them:

After receiving all the project materials from the customer our team began working on styling for the future images. Together, with the client’s marketing department, we identified the main stylistic direction for each product. Our studio has recreated the models of all the objects from the new line and designed the interiors for toilets and wash basins demonstration. Since the old factory catalogue consisted of photos, we have adapted the studio images to accurately replicate its angles.

What is the result of our work:

8 interior solutions, as well as more than 10 studio visualizations in total was developed for this project.