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Sofas presentation vol 1

Project info:

A series of images to showcase the sofas by upholstered furniture factory.

What were the client’s goals:

We were asked to develop a series of images for our loyal customers, the german factory of upholstered furniture and show the sofa models in a variety of interiors.

How did we achieve them:

In collaboration with the customer, we took a few design projects as a stylistic reference for the future interior. Designers from our studios adapted them to customer’s needs. For each color, function or composition, we have tried to create a new atmosphere that would not repeat other images. We have created more than 20 interiors in total, in which we have demonstrated more than 50 different sofas. Our team of modelers did a great job creating the sofas. There were created more than 50 unique sofas, as well as their various arrangements (2 seater, 3 seater, corner sofa)

What is the result of our work:

A total of 450 various images were performed, both interior and studio ones. The project lasted for more than one and a half year.